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Experience A New Level Of Trust And Transparency In Car Repair

From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we have got you covered


We have years of experience and a passion for keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Don't compromise on quality – choose us for all your diagnostics & repair needs.

Transform your vision into reality with our custom fabrication services!

Keep your car running smoothly with our top-notch transmission servicing!

From simple repairs to complete exhaust systems, we'll have your vehicle sounding its best.

Your car deserves the best care, so let us take care of its electrical needs.

Experience smoother rides and improved fuel efficiency with our comprehensive driveline services.

Regular servicing ensures optimal performance and helps prevent costly breakdowns in the future.

We specialize in fabricating top-of-the-line custom vehicle and engine wiring harnesses.

Contact us for more services and pricing

We're not your average garage - we're a one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs.

from routine maintenance to complex repairs, our skilled technician is equipped with the latest tools and expertise to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Matthew Taylor standing with a car



“If it has an engine and wheels - I can fix it!”

In an industry that has a reputation for not being fair or trustworthy, Matthew has a different vision and has made a commitment that TT Garage will never replace what doesn’t need to be replaced or overcharge for time or parts, and will support and encourage every client to have a vehicle that’s “fit from nose to tail lights”

pattern of garage tools faded in background

Avery Williams, Orillia ON

Nothing but good things to say about Matt. Honest guy and tells it how it is. Had a thorough understanding of my truck and finished the job within the time he provided me with my original quote. It's not easy finding a mechanic you can trust, but you can trust Matt!
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