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TT Garage Classic & Custom Car Specialists Matthew Taylor standing by a classic car he rebuilt



“If it has an engine and wheels - I can fix it!”

In an industry that has a reputation for not being fair or trustworthy, Matthew has a different vision and has made a commitment that TT Garage will never replace what doesn’t need to be replaced or overcharge for time or parts, and will support and encourage every client to have a vehicle that’s “fit from nose to tail lights”


From around the age 3 until he was a teenager, Matthew Taylor took EVERYTHING apart.  He was driven by needing to know how “things worked”.  At the age of 16, he discovered a passion for making “things work well” through the art of repair and maintenance.


Tagging along to pick up the family vehicle in 2005, Matthew met Laverne Green at Gator’s Rod Shop in Muskoka.  Laverne took Matthew over to the side of the shop that housed his custom hot rods and it was love at first sight!


The next day Laverne invited Matt to help him install some sway bar bushings, and it was soon discovered, [although a little green at that time], Matt’s ‘special gift’ was in being mechanically adept. Over the next few years, the resume grew to include all general servicing, welding, fabrication, carburetor rebuilding, suspension design, exhaust work, and every aspect of auto maintenance on regular vehicles and hot rods.


Matthew moved back to Burlington (where he grew up before moving to Huntsville), founded TT Garage, and for the next few years worked servicing vehicles in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Milton and surrounding areas before joining the Coachworks team in Milton who also specialize in custom and classic cars.


In February 2022, Matthew and his wife Rae moved to Vienna, Ontario and TT Garage reopened its doors in the spring of 2023 as a fully licensed and insured auto repair centre.


Through the rebuilding of engines and carburetors, Matthew has learned to maximize the mechanical potential of any engine. Some of the vehicles that he has performed extensive mechanical work on are:


31 slant window

1928 2-door sedan

1968 Corvette

1957 Chevy pickup truck

1932 Highboy

1969 Camaro

1941 Ford

1937 Ford

1980 Alpha Romeo Spider

1968 Chevelle

4th Generation Supra

3rd Generation Supra

1982 Datsun 280 ZX turbo

1970 Lotus Super 7

Imported JDM specific vehicles (ie:  1993 Nissan Silvia / 1994 Nissan Skyline)

Countless 1980’s GM pickup trucks

and the list keeps growing…

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